Testimonials & Transformations

BK Crew caters to anyone trying to make a serious transformation to his or her life! From fitness competitors and professional athletes to fitness 'novices', Britton has proven to drive his clients to success.


Danny Green | BK Crew

Danny Green, long-time client of BK Crew, speaks on Britton Kelley as a personal trainer, motivator, and friend.

Green is an outstanding and consistent professional basketball player; currently playing Shooting Guard for the San Antonio Spurs.

Alex McLean | BK Crew

Alex McLean, member and friend of BK Crew for over 8 years, praises Britton for his expertise in fitness, nutrition, and motivation. 

McLean has played professional basketball for the international ranks in the Phillipines, Poland, Paraguay, Lebanon, Argentina, Egypt and China. Now, McLean works as Assistant Coach for the Washington Wizards. 

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